ASCONA sets new standards

Promex Expert Messsystem

The specialist for optical measurement systems for geometry and surfaces on extruded profiles located in Meckenbeuren, Germany comes up with a bundle of new products.

ASCONA has established itself as the world market leader in geometry measurements for extruded profiles and is able to provide optical measurement systems which can be used in the laboratory as well as in the production environment. The new starter models called PROMEX BASIC/ADVANCED FAST work with a camera and an objective and therefore guarantee measuring results within 2 to 5 s – irrespective of the complexity of the profile. The PROMEX EXPERT measurement instruments of ASCONA are high-end solutions for geometrical measurements. The PROMEX EXPERT back-light systems relevant for plastic and rubber profiles meet highest requirements of measuring accuracy in a minimum of measuring time. Thus fast corrective actions to avoid scrap can be carried out. Generally, PROMEX EXPERT systems are ideal for the use at the extrusion line because they are not sensitive to vibrations, temperature fluctuations and dust. Recently ASCONA has also successfully launched a surface measurement system for plastic profiles. The PROMEX CSI system is interesting especially for manufacturers of visible profiles such as window profiles since it reliably detects grooves, scratches, dents, inclusions, specks, marks or color pigment faults. Directly integrated into the extrusion line PROMEX CSI Inline records faults right where they occur. Thus a complete sorting of defective sections of profiles is already guaranteed in the production process. The product range of surface examination is rounded off with the PROMEX OBJECTIVE measurement system for web collapsing of extruded plastic profiles. From a certain dimension onwards, evenly shaped visible surfaces of plastic profiles need to be supported by webs. However, webs may collapse during the production process. Normally, these web collapses become obvious only when linear contours appear on the surface. However, that is often too late for sorting out unusable profiles. This is exactly where you can rely on PROMEX OBJECTIVE for ensuring safety in your quality control process. On the occasion of the K 2016 the latest products of ASCONA – the capstock and coextrusion measurements – are being presented. The capstock measurement serves to measure plastic profiles with extruded caps while the coextrusion measurement analyses profiles consisting of a number of different materials, e.g. a combination of rubber and plastic. PROMEX measuring systems of ASCONA guarantee objective quality statements and consistent quality control. As a result, scrap is reduced to a minimum, raw material can be saved and faulty deliveries to customers can be avoided. This guarantees high productivity in the plastic extrusion.

➠ Ascona GmbH K 2016: Hall 10, BoothD49
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