PROMEX Installations

Over 300 installations in 39 countrys

•  Aluminium:   178

•  Plastic:           100

•  Other:              24

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Christian Witsch

In 2002, we introduced at the factory in Nenzing – as one of the first extrusion pressing plants in Europe – the new horizontal measurement technology for aluminum profiles.
This system quickly amortized itself and it is hard to imagine today’s increasingly faster fabrication process without it. In the meantime, other hydro plants have also incorporated this technology. Also advantageous was the consistent further development of the profile measurement technology by ASCONA.

Christian WitschHydro Aluminium Chrzanów Sp. z o.o., Poland
Eng. Konrad Raggl

After a short introductory phase, the promex Expert Systems have quickly proven their usefulness on all presses. The measurement of the profiles takes place in seconds and supports the control and decision-making process in the production enormously. The decision for ASCONA was the right one also as a result of the perfect service over many years.

Eng. Konrad RagglThöni Industriebetriebe GmbH, Telfs, Austria
John Meisters

promex Expert was for us the best investment decision of the past years. In the meantime, we have a measurement system from ASCONA on each press. The fast measurements and the transparent documentation help each day anew to meet the increased quality requirements of our demanding customers.

John MeistersE-Max Dilsen-Stokkem, Belgium
Martin Kowalski

We have had the ASCONA System in our operation since 2005. The easy programming of the profiles and the simple and quick handling in the production are absolutely persuasive for us still today.

Martin KowalskiProfilgruppen, Sweden
Ing. Walter Paiotti

The user-friendliness provided us with clear advantages in the production. Also contributing to this are the quick and easy understandability of the displayed and printed certificates, the data processing speed and the sample preparation.Also the advantages in the internal organization are not to be underestimated since the production personnel have available an objective instrument for a uniform evaluation of the sample.

Ing. Walter PaiottiMetra, Italy
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